BUTTERFLY CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL began on September 6, 1977 as a Mother’s Morning Out Program.  It has evolved into a school for children 18 months through 4 years of age, employing only degreed, credentialed or experienced teachers.  The Preschool is sponsored by Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), and accredited by the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA).

The Preschool provides the children with an atmosphere of Christian love conducive to creative play and exploration of the child’s world.  BCPS strives to make school a positive, growing experience.  The educational philosophy of the Preschool is to provide a warm, loving atmosphere where the children can grow socially, emotionally, creatively, cognitively, spiritually, and physically.  In order to fulfill this goal, every effort will be made to create a school atmosphere that will assist the children in the following areas of development:

  • Grow in independence and decision-making.
  • Learn to give and share as well as receive.
  • Develop self-control by working toward self-discipline and self direction.
  • Learn to relate to other adults and children.
  • Develop large and small motor skills.
  • Understand and adapt to the world around them.
  • Grow in curiosity, exploration, and reasoning skills.
  • Develop language skills by learning new vocabulary and using it in social and intellectual activities.
  • Develop a positive self-concept and build self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • Develop a familiarity with the stories of the Bible and a positive attitude about church as a happy place to be.

The Preschool meets these objectives by providing opportunities for each child to participate in group and individual activities, including dramatic play, skill building, science exploration, creative arts, readiness skills, creative movement, outdoor play, free choice activities, music, literature, and chapel.

We have sent two of our daughters to Butterfly. In sum, we’ve spent over six years with the preschool, and next year our son will be starting his first year there. One of the biggest decisions parents wrestle with as their children are in the formative years is where to send them to school. For us, it is not only important that the kids be in a safe and loving environment, but also that they learn Christian values outside of the home that will help build their character and love for Christ.

The teachers and staff at Butterfly not only see to it that these lessons are part of the day-to-day, but they also make sure that the parents are aware of the daily activities and how the children are progressing. The staff at Butterfly has consistently exceeded our expectations, and we are blessed to have BCPS in our children’s lives.

Emily B.

We are blessed to have graduated two sons from BCPS as well as having two daughters currently enrolled. They were both well equipped for kindergarten – socially, academically, and emotionally.  During our past six years at BCPS, we have been grateful for the constant commitment of the faculty and staff, the intimate environment, and the stimulating and accredited curriculum.

Susannah A.

For nine consecutive years one or more of my children attended BCPS.  They loved their teachers, their friends and the entire preschool experience (especially playing with friends on the playground after school).  When they entered elementary school (completely prepared academically and socially), they each remarked on the difference between kindergarten and preschool, especially the lack of a Christian focus in the public school classroom.

After explaining why that was the case, my husband and I were so thankful that the kids received the strong foundation of an early childhood Christian education.  The lessons they learned about themselves, their faith and the world around them stick with them today.

Laurel S.

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